Custom Commission

If you want a full costume of your favorite character we can do it from scratch. We’ll focus on every detail to make an excellent product. We can do anything you can imagine, from a themed wedding outfit to a custom leather belt or even a full armor for your favorite LARP convention. Just ask us.

Custom Patterns

Pattern designing is a crucial part of any garment. We will use your measurements to make any kind of pattern, adding some reference pictures to make it easier to understand. If you are  an expert with your sewing machine but making patterns gives you nightmares just contact with us!

Tailoring and accessories

If you want to show off your costume, just trust on us! We can with leather and fabric. We can cut and make any garment or accessory, you can give us your own patterns and the fabric and we’ll do the hard work!

Textile and leather works

Do you want to give a more realistic appearance to your outfit? Leather has been used for many years for its unique and natural properties. We are specialized in textile and leather work being very versatile with these materials. We work different types of fabrics and leather in each of our pieces.

Armors and props

Do you need to complete your costume? We make armors and props using a wide range of materials to create them as accurately as your reference picture or desing. We work using from EVA foam and leather to thermoplastics in order to give your armor the most realistic look. A good and well treated base is so important for a good and attractive final look.

Workshops and animation

Do you want to learn in a exclusive and enjoyable way? We share our knowledge and experiences in different workshops and courses for groups, conventions or events. We will show you our techniques in a easy way to use them in your own works.


We make different painting works, if you need to make a special effect in your painting or to give your pieces some colour just contact us! We eill make your figures, armors or props to look more attractive if you let us paint them. We use brushes or airbrush to get the best effect for each piece.


We also work with a broad range of materials using different techniques like modelling, making molds, polyurethane and polyester resins, Vacuum forming, latex, gelatine and latex foam for prosthetics, thermoplastics like worbla or thibra … Just ask us and we will find the best way to do whatever you want.