About us

Manlima is possible thanks to our enthusiasm and passion for craft working, clothing and costume/complements design.


Our job is to create or recreate any kind of clothing, costume or accessory from scratch, particularly using leather and textile. We work within a wide range of commissions: themed weddings, LARP, cosplay, cinema, theatre, period clothing, events or anything you could image.

We can improve our work with props, moulding techniques and prosthetic makeup. We like challenges and we learn from them. We always use first quality materials and we put all of our care and effort in each detail to obtain a satisfying product.


We care about our clients, our commitment is to develop a great quality work that pleases them. This is possible through a continuous communication with our costumers during the whole making process.


We had the opportunity to learn acquire new skills from professionals artists in diverse fields like molding, modeling, prosthetics, airbrushing and pattern designing works attending to various proffesional courses. We have collaborated with different brands and product shops and advertising campaigns always showing our knowledge, professionalism and skills; we also have collaborated in many events through different activities.


– First Place at Heroes Manga Madrid 2018 Catwalk (Ao Kuang)

– First Place at Hi-Rez Expo 2018 Atlanta, USA (Ao Kuang)

– Best Workmanship at Hi-Rez Expo 2018 Atlanta, USA (Ao Kuang)

– Best Costume at Metropoli Comic Con Gijón 2017 Catwalk. (Sir Galahad) 

– First Prize Dreamhack World Cosplay Championship at Dreamhack Summer 2017 in Sweden (Ao Kuang)

– Best dressmaking on Catwalk Japan Weekend Madrid February 2017 (Sir Galahad)

– Solo Spain Representative for DWCC at Dreamhack Summer 2017 (Geralt)

– Team Spain for Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup at Animecon 2016. (GW2)

– Spain Solo Representative for Global Easter Cosplay (GEC) at Polymanga 2016 (Philippa)

-First Prize Group at Expomanga Madrid 2015. (MH)

-First Prize Solo Cosplay Stage at Cometcon 2015. (Ullr)

 -First Prize Group Cosplay Stage at Metrópoli Comic Con 2014. (DA)

-First Prize at Salón del Cómic/Manga de Castilla y León 2014. (DA)